bare with me

I would like to start by saying I actually hate writing about myself, talking about myself which is what blogs are generally based upon. I was always so concerned with making sure that what I was sharing was more interesting to readers and in the process was completely blindsiding myself.

I'm going to give this another go.

There is absolutely no guarantee of what will be written or shared. It will most likely be spontaneous and unpredictable, even to myself. This goes as the fact is I am most inquisitive and awake in the hours which others would be asleep. Bare with me please.



A * P O P  is for ANGEL HAZE

This is the freshest sound I have heard in recent months!! Finally I decided to share it as my musical feature!

Reasons why I love ANGEL HAZE:

1: She grew up in a cult.

2: She spins lyrics faster than my electrolux front-loader spins my washing.

3: She speaks truth, but always claims it as her own personal truth. Diplomatic to say.

4: Finally her new releases are sampled from some completely disparate musical acts that lights hip-hop/rap in such a unique way.

5: Her shit is grunnnngeeey!

6: Her style is FLYYYYYYYYYYYYY.




The last two months have been both very busy and very fun for myself!! I have started to initiate as many creative projects and collaborations as I can, all the while maintaining my regular job as a model. Most recently I co-created what I feel is the most amazing project I have done since becoming A * P O P. I had the greatest pleasure in meeting Adam Munnings (a.k.a ADAM-KUN), a fellow global Australian Model, DJ, Dancer and Event organizer who was revisiting Tokyo since his relocation to NYC earlier this year. Instantly we struck chords, not only as we lead mere fractions from an identical lifestyle but more so as our visions shared the same measures of passion and determination. After our introduction, we were able to coordinate a collaboration that erupted Tokyo's famous street fashion and party scene unlike anything seen before. I came on board Adam's personal long-running party project 'FUCKING FRIDAY' as the chief stylist for all promotional media which includes both films and stills. In doing so I decided it was a perfect situation to introduce one of my favorite internet-cult brands 'DI$COUNT' which is created and designed from two amazing girls, who happen to be very good friends of mine. DI$COUNT is an Australian fashion brand that ultimately challenges consumers to reconsider what the true meaning of luxury is, with their unique approach to Artisanal custom designs through to heavily detailed and exuberant collections. DI$COUNT has rapidly become an international success story with a contemporary and intellectual challenge put forward to the fashion 'system', by simply adhering to their one simple rule- NO SEASONS. You will be sure to read and see more from this captivating design duo and their rule-breaking collections here on A * P O P. Stay tuned and buckle up, because this is only the first phase of an ongoing force to be reckoned with. For now please follow the link to their online superstore and blog to drool more!


A * P O P



A * P O P

The time has come to regenerate this dormant virtual space I originated nearly 1 year ago now...

I took a lot of time off to deeply revise and reconsider what A * P O P is... 

Who was I?
What did I wish for for?
What have I achieved?
Who have I become?
What did I enjoy? 
What do I dream of?
How do I wish to push myself beyond what I had initially desired to become..?

In my 10 months of living abroad in Tokyo, Japan, I have had immensely significant life changes for my tender age of 23.

NOW  A * P O P is ready to relaunch.

This blog will now present a greater involvement, interaction and informing on all the trimmings of Tokyo and afar. A * P O P will feature the latest on the creatives who are becoming the ones to watch. From industry fashion news and trends, Tokyo specific street style trends, musical trends and artists features, party events. 

It's anything and everything that A * P O P sees, feels, creates and lives.

Welcome to the future me.


tokyo disco- when i dj to my friends Yumi and Matcha
Trump Room, Shibuya
A * P O P 2013

tokyo disco
A * P O P 2013