old news, new news... polaroids taken from a photo shoot series I styled for...




Summer is here in hometown Tokyo, what a perfect time to get an ostentatiously 'timeless' item such as this piece of Italo luxury.... Gimme gimme!!



yes, I am finally home in Tokyo from my tropical getaway at one of my favorite islands in South East Asia, Bali. I already miss the fresh coconuts... But I managed to get a couple of things made for myself and for my much anticipated summer return in Japan. These are one pair of sandals I designed and had produced while on the vacay (gold chain not included)... These were actually, but to no surprise, not according to the original design, however they quickly became my loved ones!!!! I have more things to arrive from Bali in the next month so keep an eye here for the bags edition...


bare with me

I would like to start by saying I actually hate writing about myself, talking about myself which is what blogs are generally based upon. I was always so concerned with making sure that what I was sharing was more interesting to readers and in the process was completely blindsiding myself.

I'm going to give this another go.

There is absolutely no guarantee of what will be written or shared. It will most likely be spontaneous and unpredictable, even to myself. This goes as the fact is I am most inquisitive and awake in the hours which others would be asleep. Bare with me please.


tokyo disco- when i dj to my friends Yumi and Matcha
Trump Room, Shibuya
A * P O P 2013

tokyo disco
A * P O P 2013